Step 01: Discover
Let's chat! If you're in Minneapolis, I might arrive via bike and slightly out of breath. Hope that's okay. We'll talk about you, your business, & your goals, and align those with me, my business, & my goals. I'll have questions for you, and I'd guess you'll have questions for me!
Step 02: Homework
Extracurriculars! I'll send you a detailed questionnaire to understand your story & your vision. It's also great if you send me any & all visual inspiration you have for the project: competitor products, on–brand imagery, and the like. This is tremendously helpful in creating really, really good work that gets really, really good results.
Step 03: Design & Refine
The fun part! From your questionnaire, I'll assemble a project brief summarizing the key points to translate into the work & include my own visual inspiration. If we're on the same page, awesome! I'll get to work.
For each deliverable (logo, package, etc.), there's 3 rounds of work: ideation, revision, and finalization. Ideation takes the agreed–upon brief and builds out several concepts for deliverables. Those concepts are sent to you for review: you'll pick one or two to move forward, and I'll utilize your feedback. The revised versions are then sent back for last touches.
Step 04: Launch
Blastoff! Once we've settled on a final concept for a deliverable, I'll build it out for its eventual home. For a logo, this likely means getting you any & all file formats you might need; for a full–on branding, that'll include color and typeface guides too; and for a package, it'll probably be a dieline to send to a manufacturer.​​​​​​​